HostedSuite consolidates your clients, scheduling, billing, and reporting
Manage every aspect of your virtual workplace from a single location


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About HostedSuite

HostedSuite is a web based business center management application designed to cover all aspects of business from the front desk receptionist, to billing, scheduling, and reporting.

HostedSuite is compatible with all major phone systems including Cisco, Mitel, Intertel, Shoretel, Asterisk, and Broadsoft.

HostedSuite Features

Web Based

HostedSuite is a 100% web based cloud application. Simply open a web browser to start answering calls, scheduling meeting rooms, and running reports.

Operator Console

HostedSuite's operator console is a responsive, browser based attendant console that allows your operators to quickly and efficiently handle your clients calls.

Multiple Locations

HostedSuite has built in location awareness so that you can keep track of multiple centers, clients, meeting rooms, services, etc.


HostedSuite allows you to quickly schedule your meeting room inventory. You can manage all of your upcoming reservations quickly and easily.


HostedSuite makes it easy to track all of your client charges including scheduling, call allowances, and one-off charges such as copies and printing

Support Tickets

HostedSuite includes a built in support ticketing system so that you can track all of your client problems from a single location.


HostedSuite integrates with popular services such as QuickBooks, WUN Systems' DoorGuard, and Davinci Meeting Rooms

World Class Support

Our first priority is keeping you happy. We are always available to help you out with any questions or problems you are having.

Operator Friendly

Our operator console software has been designed and tested with real operators answering thousands of calls every day. Most functionality can be done with a single click or keypress.

Cost Effective

HostedSuite is a cost effective call virtual business center solution.

Corporate Branding

HostedSuite lets you customize the look and feel of its interface.

About Evo Technologies

Evo Technologies makes web based console solutions for call centers, answering services, business centers, executive suites, retail, and lawfirms.

Our applications are compatible with all major phone systems including Cisco, Mitel, Intertel, Shoretel, Asterisk, and Broadsoft.

Our web based business center products include online meeting room scheduling and resource management as well as client portal access, white labeling, a full featured support ticket system, and more.

Evo Technologies believes that all great applications are designed by the end users and implemented by the developers.

Every single feature that we have put into our products comes from the loving feedback of our clients.

We always put the client first and truly hope that our applications make their lives easier

Partner and Lead Developer, Patrick Greene (no that picture isn't me)


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